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The Logbook

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Date: October 15th 2020

Location: Classified.

The Document below is the transcription of the recordings of one Dr. Elizabeth Rickard during the events of experiment CAMP.

Entry 001

Today is October the fifteenth, I am Dr.Elizabeth Rickard, lead researcher for the Cellular Augmentation in Humanoid Program (CAMP). The aim of our experiment, is to create the perfect human, with sourced genetic materials which will enable the subject the ability to adapt to its environments, enhance mental ability, agility and aid perfect health conditions, able to withstand all known medical conditions.

Working with me are my colleagues Dr. Laurel Spader, Dr. Kennedy Williams and Dr. Mika Barnes. The program begins today, on site here at the DATA REDACTED, in Hall 14. Our combined research efforts have brought us to this day, with this program sponsored by Mr. DATA REDACTED and his associates. The time is nineteen past noon, and now we begin.

Dr. Kennedy, who specializes in DNA Alteration and replication postulated the idea of a spermatozoon having its DNA edited and remodeled in an aid to cure hereditary diseases. Since his first thesis, and thanks to our sponsors, Dr. Kennedy has finally been able to procure a sample of the genetic material which he had altered perfectly. I believed that his actions would be the very act which would push humanity forwards in our next step to evolution, and so we worked to create a perfect sample. One which will be devoid of all previous human imperfections. This is sample 301-X and in this containment vessel is the perfect batch for our experiment here today. We are 90% certain that we will have a positive result.

Our subject for today is Mrs. DATA REDACTED who we shall be referring to as 301-X1 for the purposes of this experiment. Due to the extreme fragility of the sample, our best and safest way to ensure its success will be through internal fertilization and 301-X1 has agreed to provide her assistance. Dr. Lauren and Mika have fully prepped the subject for the procedure, and we are ready to begin.

It is twelve thirty five and the sample has been inserted into 301-X1. The subject seems to be doing just fine as expected. Blood pressure is fine, heart rate is up, most likely due to the experiment. Brain activity is normal and all vitals look good. Subject seems to have a desire for food, with three slices of pizza not enough to satiate her desire. Most likely an after effect of the sample. The subject has been sedated to keep her still.

The time is twelve fifty five and the subject is showing very adverse reactions to the biological material. Multiple doses of Propofol has failed to keep the subject unconscious. Stated abdominal pain and a biting sensation. Her midsection area has turned a dull red and is protruding at a steady pace. A scan shows the presence of a growing fetus inside 301-X1 but we are unable to ascertain why it is growing at such a rapid state. Opioids are being administered to help fight the pain and the subject has been restrained with leather straps to stop her from hurting herself or the sample within her.

I will pause the recording now to assist my colleagues.

One thirty three with the new report.

301-X1 has been declared deceased. Cause of death is DATA EXPUNGED. Once the brain activity of the subject ceased, the bulge in her midsection ripped open. From within it came the tiny arms of a frail child. It’s head and torso were covered in blood, still attached to its host by an umbilical. We believe this to be the first successful 301-X, albeit the loss of the host was a terrible tragedy. 301-X has thin arms and legs, and seems to have a strong bone structure already. It’s growth seems to be progressing faster than normal.

On average, it would be anywhere from four to six years of age. It’s eyes are a deep blue, abnormally large irises cover the majority of the organ, it’s fingernails and teeth seem to be what it used to tear it’s way out of its host. Majority of her innards are missing and have been ingested by 301-X1. Dr. Mika put down 301-X1 with a mild tranquilizer dart before we strapped down the subject and moved it to site DATA REDACTED while the body of 301-X was cleaned up and prepared for tests.

The time is two fifteen pm and subject 301-X has continued to show signs of aggressiveness. It fights against its restraints, baring its teeth at Dr. Kennedy and kicking mildly through the bonds. A blood sample taken from the subject and viewed under a lens shows the cells of 301-X replicating at an astonishing rate. Addition of Chlorine and other foreign toxic chemicals do no lasting damage. 301-X has Lymphocytes which produce strong antitoxins which neutralize the chlorine.

The enhanced aggressive nature of 301-X is unknown, with applications of the same tranquilizer used to put down the subject proving futile. It appears to have grown immune to the substance even when higher doses are administered. With its hands rubbing against its restraints, 301-X seems to be hurting itself, and the injuries are observed to begin healing in real time, complete with scab tissue falling off. It shows no sign of fatigue, just a constant desire to leave the gurney.

301-X was released from containment by five fifteen pm. Myself, Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Mika left to perform more tests with blood samples and tissue. On return, there is no sign of Dr. Laurel or 301-X. It appears the subject is somewhere in the facility running amok. Bloody footprints lead away from the gurney. Reviewing the footage on closed circuit systems. It appears that the subject seemed to have relaxed after all three of us left.

Dr. Laurel is seen on the footage, visibly setting 301-X free after prolonged eye contact and spoken words. The video does not capture audio so it is unable to say what has been spoken. 301-X leaped off the gurney the moment it was released and drove its fingers into the abdomen of Dr. Laurel, the source of the pool of blood in the lab. She stumbles away, with 301-X following after her, leaving the bloody footprint. We have initiated lock down procedures to ensure the subject does not get out to the city of DATA EXPUNGED.

The body of Dr. Laurel Spader has been found by the corridors towards the exit of the facility. It appears as though she was trying to reach the elevators before she was stopped by, what we can only imagine as 301-X. Her body was… it appears as though all her inner organs have been removed, her entire midsection hollowed out. Eyes, tongue, breasts, heart, lungs, liver and so on. There are no signs of the organs anywhere, but there is the blood spatter, and the bloody footprints of 301-X heading away from the scene.

Dr. Kennedy has reached out to the foundation personnel, requesting for an extraction and containment team. In the meantime, I will continue to document our findings until they arrive. Dr. Kennedy has armed himself with an axe, believing that it would be best to be armed should be run into 301-X. Dr. Mika has a fire extinguisher, and I have armed myself with a scalpel.

Hopefully the foundation will be here soon.

It is six fifty four, and I am locked inside the control room, watching the monitors of what happened outside the laboratory. Both Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Mika are deceased, due to the actions of 301-X. As we returned to the laboratory to hunker down till the Foundation arrived, we ran into the subject in the halls. Apparently 301-X grows at an astonishing rate once it feeds. By a quarter past the hour, the subject was at six feet tall with a chiseled frame and lean muscle. It’s metabolism making its body perfect for speed and agility as we had planned.

It’s hands and feet were coated in blood, as were it’s lips and neck. The blood dropped all over his midsection, and once again, I noticed how it has not sprouted a single hair on its body. Dr Kennedy attacked first, swinging his axe at the subject. It was caught on the first strike, a deep blow to the arm. 301-X showed no reaction to the strike, at first I believed that it did not know the sensation of pain so it was not aware of how to react, but now I’m certain that the subject does not feel pain. It has found a way to efficiently turn off it’s pain receptors.

Dr. Kennedy pulled back and tried to attack again, but 301-X moved out of the way with ease. It dodged each swing, moving nimbly on its feet. It is apparent that 301-X has a keen sense of intelligence, able to predict the blows and dodge them before they can hit. Dr. Mika used the fire extinguisher, spraying the creature with monoammonium phosphate from the cylinder. The powder obscured the view of the subject, giving Dr. Kennedy a chance to land a crucial blow. The axe cut deep into the throat of 301-X.

The creature fell, and we believed it had been killed. Dr. Kennedy and I argued if we would destroy the body of 301-X by incineration, or preserve the corpse for further studies. While we argued, 301-X rose from its position on the floor, pulling the axe from its body as it’s cells began fixing the damage that had been done to it. It shoved Dr. Kennedy from behind, throwing the man into the shelves at the far end of the wall where corrosive chemicals were kept.

The contents fell on Dr. Kennedy, instantly reacting with his skin and turning him into… I’m sorry for the whisper, but I can’t speak much louder this. 301-X has shown enhanced physical ability as well, being able to shove Dr. Kennedy over ten feet in a single blow. As we watched Dr. Kennedy turned into a mass of blood and guts, 301-X grabbed Dr. Mika and dragged her off. I made it here to the control room and locked myself inside. Watching from the monitors, I watched 301-X stare at Dr. Mika.

For a while she struggled, but once they made lasting eye contact, she succumbed and remained silent. 301-X proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse with the doctor, one which she did not dispute as Dr. Mika seemed to even enjoy the activity. I believe that 301-X has some sort of, perhaps, Pheromone which it can release at will. It was what caused Dr. Laurel to release it at first. The pheromone most likely works on females better, with Dr. Mika being under the direct control of the subject.

At the end of their copulation, 301-X left Dr. Mika and ran off. At exactly seven thirty three, the midsection of Dr. Mika exploded, and from within it, three smaller children which appeared to be the seed of 301-X. They left nothing but the bones of their parent vessel behind, eating Dr. Mika, clothes and all. As I make this recording, there are four subjects walking freely in this facility. I can only hope that the Foundation members are on the way.

It appears as though someone has breached the facility. It is a minute past nine pm and I hear voices on the outside. Someone knocked at the doo

The recording cuts off, with the voice Dr. Elizabeth Rickard wailing in the background. A few moments after the wailing starts, it ceases. Her body is recovered by Foundation Responders, and her entire midsection has been severed from her bottom half with no internal organs present. Review of closed circuit cameras reveals that 301-X did have sexual intercourse with her, and the doctor spawned four offspring.

Their combined efforts ripped a plexiglass window off its frame, and they climbed out of the testing site. Team REDACTED has been tasked with the tracking downs and finding of the seven subjects before they are able to replicate or cause more danger.



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